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The fundamental concepts of advanced benefit planning are fairly simple. Crafting and designing a plan best suited for the situation requires more rigor, and PlanGen can handle that part. A multi-tiered approach to illustrating the scenarios, using accessible language, and graphical support, facilitates discussions from the high-level to the granular. The nuts and bolts data of a plan design is ported into executive summaries for concise top-level review, extended slide presentations to elaborate on concepts, and expert level documentation to satisfy tax and accounting professionals.

PlanGen plan designs are generated into PNG infographics, PDF reports, and PPT presentations

Infographic Design

We all process and retain information better when graphic elements convey important values and ideas. Compact, high level concept documents, with custom client data embedded, state the case for intelligent planning. A simple and elegant way to open conversations .

Super Slides

PowerPoint remains a dominant presentation format, so PlanGen delivers client specific data via slide sets to communicate plan concepts. We can co-develop templates based on a company's current sales and marketing designs, and producers can start sharing the knowledge through a familiar vehicle.

 Custom .PDF Illustrations

PlanGen's original version was a comprehensive 412 plan illustration including a company census, plan cost/benefit analysis, tax implications, retirement strategies, and financial product ledgers, in n industry standard format. Now, all of our benefit programs include such features, wrapped inside our client's customized proposal designs.


Since 2002, PlanGen has been working with our RMC Group partners to empower advisors and deliver life and annuity products from institutions such as Travelers Life and Annuity, MetLife, AXA/MONY, New York Life, Lincoln Benefit Group, National Life Group / Life of the Southwest, Lafayette Life, Penn Mutual and Security Mutual Life of New York.

The Features 

The features, speed, management tools, activity analytics, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency of PlanGen are completely unique in the industry.

  Download feature list of PlanGen w/cost saving example (.PDF 5mb)...

Demonstration of PlanGen's ability to create a new Defined Benefit plan illustration for 6 participants, each getting two life policies in under 2 minutes.
Demonstration of benefit plan interfaces supporting multiple-life policies.
Demonstration of PlanGen's ability to generate defined benefit, defined contribution and Section 412(e)(3) plans and do instant comparisons of plans as well as auto-generate multi-plan bundles for comparison.
Demonstration of PlanGen illustrating a census of 10 participants, generating life policies for each in seconds.
Demonstration of PlanGen's ability to import large case census data via Excel upload.
Demonstration of PlanGen's ability to display life insurance policy value charts for individuals in a plan illustration.
Demonstration of PlanGen's PGLeads utility to search and save sales leads search results from Google.
Demonstration of PlanGen Section 412 defined benefit plan illustration with census upload, executive summaries, detailed illustration document and dynamic data PowerPoint presentation outputs.
Demonstration of PlanGen Professional BioPage features
Demonstration of PlanGen's ability to use a life carrier's web services to request and retrieve multiple life policy data and NAIC PDF documents for participants in a benefit plan automatically.
A demonstration of the case, proposal and user analytics in the PlanGen system.