PlanGen | Retirement Pension Life Planning - Advanced Pension Retirement Proposal Design & Illustration Presentation Sys
Next Generation Plan Generation for the Successful Small Business

PlanGen | Pension Retirement Design & Illustration Presentation Systems

Pension Retirement Design & Illustration Presentation Systems

Next Generation
Plan Generation
for the
Successful Small Business.


The Future Of Professional Plan Design,
Illustration & Management Is Already Here.

It's called PlanGen.

Advanced Financial Technology.

Easy-to-Comprehend Presentations

Retirement planning can be a complicated enterprise and the most efficient solutions are not always readily apparent. PlanGen provides high-quality plan information in formats that are easily understood, and can be quickly regenerated to compare design scenarios.

Real-time Updates

Platforms are continuously updated to provide solution optimizations and adjust to changing asset growth rates.

Web Based Solution

No need to wait days or weeks for a proposal to come from an Actuary. PlanGen has developed extensive actuarial tables and methods to quickly analyze and illustrate personalized planning options.

IRS Compliance

Design rules developed and maintained, beginning 2002 ensure that solutions are tax-code compliant and meet or exceed financial best-practices.

Communication & Collaboration

24/7 access allows business owners and their financial advisers to quickly design appropriate solutions at any time and generate the case study materials that can help them plot the optimal path to a more secure retirement.

R & D and ROI

Maximizing retirement income planning through the integration of optimization routines with guaranteed-outcome life and annuity products.


PlanGen informs and enhances the way business owners and their advisors engage in their life, benefit and retirement planning.

Reduce illustration time 95+%

Increase proposal output 45x

Businesses / Individuals:
Get useful information to make important decisions about the future.


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