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PlanGen | Travelers Life & Annuity Company - 412 Plan Web based proposal system

Travelers Fully Insured Private Pension Plans - A new way of doing good old-fashioned planning.

In the summer of 2002 Raymond Ankner made it a goal to provide technological assistance for an under-served segment of advanced markets retirement planning. Ankner believed that making it faster and easier for advisors to access 412(i) Fully Insured Defined Benefit presentations could have a significant and positive impact on the retirement savings of countless small businesses, as well as bring radical efficiency to the sales and marketing process. Shortly thereafter Ankner contracted with Vermont Venture Technologies to build a working prototype system that could integrate products offered by Travelers Life and Annuity Company into plan design illustrations. Ankner, with the principals of Vermont Venture Technologies, then formed PlanGen, LLC in order to formally deliver this first-of-its-kind web-based technology by subscription. With the creation of PlanGen, Ankner was able to deliver a turnkey solution for Travelers Life & Annuity, that now included the technological capacity to produce presentations at scale, provided training, marketing and sales support, as well as plan administration services. PlanGen served hundreds of Travelers advisors through 2005 when Travelers was acquired by MetLife, at which time products from the new owner were integrated into the system.