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April 2017

PlanGen President Todd Trzaskos will be attending Security Mutual Life's annual Advanced Marketing Seminar for a presentation on June 8th. Trzaskos will be joining Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Armando Testani for two training sessions on Qualified Plan design, and will also provide an orientation for the advisor marketing and lead prospecting features of the platform.

June 2016

Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York announced that it is adding expanded functionality to its deployment of the PlanGen retirement plan proposal platform. The platform, which was developed by Plan Gen, LLC., for Security Mutual, was introduced last October as a defined benefit plan platform accommodating traditional defined benefit and section 412(e)(3) plans.  The expanded platform has advisor focused marketing tools and also produces defined contribution plans – from simple 401k designs to complicated 401k – profit sharing combination designs. More at the PRNewsWire release...

October 2015

Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York adopts the PlanGen advanced illustration and presentation system for its Section 412, Traditional Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) lines of pension and retirement benefit plans. 

The Security Mutual Life Of New York Professional Directory link from the Security Mutual Life PlanGen Page provides details of the professional qualifications, expertise and credentials of the advisor network, sort-able by state and name.

Security Mutual Life of New York provides information about the Section 412 pension benefit plans at its dedicated site ( The PRNewsWire release by Security Mutual Life describes more details...

Why PlanGen For Security Mutual Life Insurance ?

The priority of modernizing its salesforce with the next-generation illustration and presentation tools for the best competitive advantage and efficiency led Security Mutual of New York to select PlanGen's web-based system over others available in the industry.

Advanced Plan Illustrations:

PlanGen's advanced concept illustration systems provided the sophisticated benefit, funding and plan termination options, calculations, regulatory compliance, speed and scenarios required by advanced professionals at Security Mutual Life to let them bring solutions to their clients in minutes.

Compelling Presentations:

The compelling combination of customized, co-branded, personalized, dynamic data PDF illustrations and PowerPoint presentations delivering advanced market planning solutions for clients was the solution Security Mutual needed.

High-Speed Life & Annuity Product Engines:

Incorporating PlanGen's dynamically-generated life and annuity product ledger data in the back-end system to support the plan calculations and illustration outputs provided the fastest, most comprehensive platform from which to grow their business and deliver responsive, flexible client solutions and service. 

Digital Presence & Credibility For Advisors:

Additionally providing public-facing, professional advisor contact & biography web pagesintegrated withelectronic"Request For Proposal" case creation tools, social media links and materials gave Security Mutual's advisors the digital presence and credibility resources required for modern business.