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Comprehensive Advanced Benefit Planning

Optimized Plan Designs are the just the beginning. PlanGen has access to a network of Financial Product Providers and Benefit Plan Administrators so we can facilitate turn-key service solutions.

Questions Answered

If a successful business owner has questions about how to do better and contribute more when planning for retirement, we have the tool to deliver the answers. PlanGen offers custom designed Small Group Training sessions that focus on filling specific knowledge gaps and providing the tools advisers need for above average planning jobs.

Benefits Engineered

PlanGen distills decades of pension and welfare benefit planning experience into a simple and effective system. Actuarial analysis and intelligence on-demand for optimized, efficient scenario generation.

Case Study Accounts

Get a glimpse at Advanced Pension Planning for financial professionals. Submit case information, get a report comparing the maximum benefits between three different retirement plans.

Easy Online Processing

PlanGen Subscriptions, Professional Training, Fee Based Consulting for Businesses. We want to empower the people who need advanced benefit planning knowledge, and share the potential of what they can build with it.


Connect with Clients

Communicate helpful information and provide valuable resources with PlanGen Professional Identity Pages designed to make it easier for business owners to find and connect with advanced market advisers.

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