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New York Life Insurance Company 412(e)(3) Plans

New York Life Insurance Company contracted with PlanGen as part of a turnkey solution program that provides plan design technology, marketing and sales support, as well as Third Party Administrative services. PlanGen delivers production of Section 412 Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plans and Traditional Defined Benefit Pension illustrations to New York Life's home office and independent agent force across the United States, including the Nautilus Group marketing members.  Real-time Whole Life and Fixed Annuity illustration engines were first developed by PlanGen for New York Life in 2003 and each of those engines have promptly been updated with new products to coincide with the carrier's release to market.  New York Life employs a training and certification process for those using the PlanGen proposal system.  Nearly 10,000 illustrations have been delivered to clients by more than 2,000 agents and advisors.

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