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What do you offer your clients?

The Past:

Copy-pasted admin data into spreadsheets and word processors in hours.


Make revisions in hours.

MAKE new documents in hours...

What else do you get?

  • Uh...well...nothing really

The Future:

High-performance web application generating documents in seconds.


Make revisions in SECONDS.

MAKE new documents in SECONDS...

What else do you get?

  • Reduce proposal cost by 98%

  • unlimited cases & illustrations

  • Sophisticated DC & DB Plan Types

  • multiple life policy / annuity plan generation in seconds

  • single entry census: generate unlimited illustrations

  • instant, co-branded, compelling, customized outputs

  • instant graphical, single-page executive summaries

  • instant, dynamic-data powerpoint presentations

  • producer managemenT & hierarchies

  • user, case & illustration activity analytics

  • case and producer geographic activity mapping

  • instant, digital, case-creating request for prop0sal (RFP) web pages & notifications

  • user-customizable, professional contact web pages with rfp links and social media feeds

  • google-search business lead mapping & list export utility

  • u.s. Dept. of labor fiduciary responsibility checklist