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Financial Technology:

What is PlanGen?

PlanGen is an SSL-secured, Tier III / ISO 27001-hosted, high-performance Internet web application providing innovative productivity, optimization and management features for national organizations and sales force networks. PlanGen delivers sophisticated, advanced-market defined contribution (DC), defined benefit (DB), fully insured Section 412(e)(3) and hybrid pension benefit plans and other illustrations to Advisors, Advisor networks and their prospective clients.



What is PlanGen's Purpose?

PlanGen was developed to radically reduce lead-time and expense in delivering customized, compliant, consistent, compelling, plan concept illustrations and presentations to clients.  The capability to produce qualified plan designs was trapped on desktop applications or in proprietary actuarial systems, turning the gateway into a choke point in delivery to advisor networks.

PlanGen delivers a web based tool built to serve as a compliance gateway, provide advisor network management, activity monitoring and alerts, as well as generate presentation branding customization for multiple sales channels. PlanGen offers these next generation features in a scalable manner, and at more affordable pricing when compared to legacy methods.


What can plangen do for our company?

  • The PlanGen user account hierarchy can be configured to map to your organizational structure.

  • Flexible account permission structure from administrators to alias advisors.

  • Empower experienced support staff to deliver more to advisors and clients with less effort.

  • Presentation branding, co-branding and campaign theme alignment.

  • Reports and analytics on field force activity.

  • Get more proposals on the street, deliver ultra fast revisions, and install more plans.


Benefits of PlanGen

  • Reduce the cost of generating benefit plan concept illustrations by up to 98%.

  • Increase sales potentials while lowering costs.

  • Increase speed, consistency, reliability, compliance, monitoring and responsive delivery of illustrations & presentations to clients throughout the sales force.

  • Allow organizations to dramatically scale up the number of proposals on the street without increasing illustration staff. More proposals = more plans.

  • Convert user account costs to positive revenue streams for the enterprise while increasing the potential for increased product sales volume through more proposals per quarter.


The features, speed, management tools, activity analytics, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency of PlanGen are unique in the industry.

Reduce Illustration Costs By 98%.

*Can you generate a group term policy concept illustration with NAIC documents, forms, instructions, charts, graphs and tables for 8 participants, each requiring 3 policy illustrations (24 total life policies)... in UNDER 10 MINUTES ?

PlanGen Can.

The same effort with single-life illustration tools, copy-import-paste, charting tools, page layout tools, export-to-PDF conversions can take more than 7 hours**... for each revision!

** This data is from actual experience measurements of an agency using legacy techniques and then with PlanGen.

Proposals In Minutes.
Not Hours.

Minutes 450 9.5
(hours) 7.5 0.16
Rate/Hr $ 40.00 $40.00
Cost $ 300.00 $6.33
PlanGen Cost Compared To Legacy 2.1%
Multiple Legacy Legacy PlanGen PlanGen
Proposals Hours Cost Hours Cost Savings
1 7.5 $300 0.16 $6 $294
5 37.5 $1,500 0.79 $32 $1,468
10 75.0 $3,000 1.58 $63 $2,937
50 375.0 $15,000 7.92 $317 $14,683
100 750.0 $30,000 15.83 $633 $29,367
200 1,500.0 $60,000 31.67 $1,267 $58,733
500 3,750.0 $150,000 79.17 $3,167 $146,833

Scale Efficiently.

Reduce Costs.

Illustrate More.

Enhance Consistency
Improve Response Time
Increase Client Satisfaction
Optimize Staffing & Effort Resources


Industry-Leading Capabilities



Secured, co-branded pdf illustration documents

Dynamic data, co-branded MS PowerPoint™ presentations

Customized, co-brandable: web sites, document & resource libraries, training materials & presentations

Professional web presence enhancement and social media linkages

Automated, SEO-friendly, professional advisor directory web pages

User account management

Plan & product privilege management

Case, Proposal & Login Usage analytics

Geodata user analytics w/ Designated Market Area (DMA) geography: "Where" activity is happening.

PGLeads™ Google map business search & lead list export

Digital request-for-proposals: direct to system w/instant email notifications.

E-commerce account subscription integration, custom pricing, activation & cancellation.


Customized Outputs

Corporate Branding

Dynamic Contact Information

Instant, Secured PDF Outputs

Executive Summaries

Instant-Output PDF

Clear Information Delivery

Custom Corporate Co-Branding

Dynamic Agent Branding & Contact Information

Compelling, Comprehensive Documents


Instant, Secured PDF Outputs

Images, Text, Graphics, Tabular Data

Disclaimers, Forms, Contacts

Corporate and Advisor Co-Branding

Overviews & Concept Explanations

Plan Parameters

Census Summary & Detail Data

Costs & Benefits

Analysis of Insurance

Analysis of Annuities

Retirement Rollout Scenario

Tax Implications


Instant PowerPoint Presentations

Dynamic Case Data In Each Presentation

Custom Presentation Collections

Corporate Branding

Multi Lingual Presentation Storage

Instant PowerPoint Presentation Output

Resource Libraries

Custom Document Repository

Educational Material Library

Instant Downloads

Forms & Document Collections



Samples & Examples

Multiple File Types (.doc. .xlsx, .pdf, .jpg..etc.)


Usage Analytics

Case Statistics By Site and User

Proposal Activity By Time Period

Proposal Activity By Type & User

Export data to Excel


WHERE are your users?

WHERE are your cases?

WHAT are agent and case densities by location?

Designated Market Area (DMA) Geography

Export data to Excel

Geographic Lead Searches

Exclusive: Export Excel Lists Of Search Results

Google Maps Search By Zip, Topic, Radius

Geographic Locations & Lists of Potential Clients

One-Click, Deeper Google Search of Result Items

Use Lists in Mailing Campaigns, Market Research

Professional Advisor

Corporate Branded & Linkable Web Resource

Advisor Branded Logos & Photo Upload

Contact Information

Searchable, Sortable

SEO-Friendly URL and Content

Links to Advisor Bio Pages


SEO-Optimized Contact Information

Electronic Request-For-Proposals Directly Into PlanGen

Social Media Feeds and Linkages

Resume - CV Biography Sections

Video Links

Resource Links



Dept. of Labor
Fiduciary Responsiblity Checklist

Customizable DOL Fiduciary Responsibility Task List

Real-Time Percent-Complete Display Integrated Into Case Lists

Detailed Audit-Trail With Unlimited Number of Notes-Per-Task

Participant Census List With Unlimited Notes-Per-Participant

Custom Info Links To Resource Websites, Files...etc.

Output Report Instantly To PDF, Excel, Printer...At Any Time

So many more capabilities to see...