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The Future

The future always arrives sooner than we expect (except for that part about flying cars). For successful business owners, shifting priorities inside the firm and within families too often result in retirement planning put off for another day. It even happens to those with the sufficient means to secure a comfortable future.


PlanGen has, for over a decade, been facilitating the design of optimized benefit plans for a spectrum of small business organizations. We've helped medical and professional offices, real estate and construction firms, repair shops and hair salons to maximize their future while limiting exposure.


PlanGen - Time and Money

PlanGen Solutions

There is nothing new or particularly flashy about these benefit plans and programs. They are not secret; their story has simply not been well shared with successful small businesses and service professionals.

It's about having access to information.

These plan strategies have been available for decades and are time-proven, IRS compliant methods for achieving life-long retirement and death benefits.
Transforming potential tax liabilities into long-term benefits for business owners, their employee and families is simply smart planning.

We've got benefit plan innovation built right into the system.

Plan design knowledge traditionally hidden in actuarial back-offices is now available on the street for direct use by financial professionals and the business people they serve.


There are plans for any size organization and budget whether it is for key person, group life, defined contribution or partially or fully insured defined benefit pensions.


Business Owners:

Ask your accountant, financial planner or tax attorney about advanced markets planning, qualified benefit plans, fully insured private pensions and executive life benefits.

Request A Custom Case Study.

Request plan designs optimized specifically for your business. Learn more about advanced benefit plan strategies. PlanGen will provide a simple maximized retirement plan comparison, and based on the results, business owners may elect to request more comprehensive details. Discuss the options with your professional financial advisors.


Client Specific Data Analysis

Advanced benefit plans require significant number crunching and until recently, it has been a challenge to assemble plan proposals that integrate and optimize the utility of guaranteed-outcome financial vehicles. This gap meant small business owners and their advisors have not had easy access to powerful planning options. PlanGen systems combine IRS compliant designs with secure financial products from national carriers.

At PlanGen, we know it may take several cycles to arrive at the right design. Making that process incredibly fast and easy is the goal.


2017 Sample Group Plan
Name Age Compensation Monthly Retirement Benefit Death Benefit
Owner 50 $270,000 $17,917 $5,040,523
Assistant 48 $85,000 $6,393 $1,698,755
Help1 63 $45,000 $995 $440,407
Help2 39 $37,500 $3,125 $717,093
Help3 41 $75,000 $6,250 $1,469,131