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What vision do you
offer your clients?

The Past:

Copy-pasted admin data into spreadsheets and word processors in hours.

  1. Open an admin program.
    Create [n] single illustrations.
  2. Open a spreadsheet.
    Copy-paste, make tables, graphs.
  3. Open a word processor.
    Copy-paste tables & graphs.
  4. Hope you have an illustration.
    In an hour or two, or three...


Make revisions in hours.

MAKE new documents in hours...

What else do you get?

  • Uh...well...nothing really

The Future:

High-performance web application generating documents in seconds.

  1. Click. 
    Create the case.
  2. Click. 
    Upload the census.
  3. Click. 
    Create multiple plan types for everyone.
  4. Click. 
    View compelling, compliant documents.


Make revisions in seconds.

MAKE new documents in seconds...

What else do you get?

  • Reduce proposal cost by 98%

  • unlimited cases & illustrations

  • Sophisticated DC & DB Plan Types

  • multiple life policy / annuity plan generation in seconds

  • single entry census: generate unlimited illustrations

  • instant, co-branded, compelling, customized outputs

  • instant graphical, single-page executive summaries

  • instant, dynamic-data powerpoint presentations

  • producer managemenT & hierarchies

  • user, case & illustration activity analytics

  • case and producer geographic activity mapping

  • instant, digital, case-creating request for prop0sal (RFP) web pages & notifications

  • user-customizable, professional contact web pages with rfp links and social media feeds

  • google-search business lead mapping & list export utility

  • u.s. Dept. of labor fiduciary responsibility checklist