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Pension and Retirement planning is a year round process. However, there is no denying that the busiest time comes in the fourth quarter of the year, when business owners make important investment and budget decisions. With that in mind, we'd like to share with you some of the new things we've been working on to make this 2017 sales season a success for you and your clients.

  • Department of Labor Fiduciary Checklist
  • Improved Advisor Bio Web Pages
  • PG Leads Prospecting Tool



DOL Fiduciary Checklist

The DOL Fiduciary Rule imposed new conduct and record keeping requirements on advisors in order to protect the best interests of their clients. While commission based insurance sales have previously required disclosures, the new requirement to document the discussions and recommendations that lead up to important financial decisions creates additional work for advisors. PlanGen's new checklist feature provides an easy way to keep up with that documentation directly in-line with the design and proposal process, as well as produce a final document for archiving with the client's case file. Don't let basic record keeping issues dissuade you from being an Advanced Markets success story. Call us.



Advisor Bio Pages

"Search Engine Optimized" Professional Identity Web Pages - digital network hubs set up for customized content are provisioned with each advisor account to help improve internet visibility and magnify the impact of existing web resources. An associated digital Request For Proposal

feature collects prospective client data and directly organizes it under the advisor account, so it is ready and waiting for plan design. Learn More...



PG Leads Prospecting

Enter a zip code, a business category, and see the results...

PlanGen leverages the power of Google Search and Maps to empower advisors. Quickly identify business prospects without combing through crowded search results pages or copy and pasting the information from map requests. Export the results to a Microsoft Excel file for later use in contact databases or mail merge into business communications.


Get in touch with us directly or contact your RMC Group regional support person, to find out more about leveraging these tools in your Advanced Markets efforts.